Please be advised of the sensitivity of these images. We are posting images of our members in action to help you to appreciate the job that they do. All our members are trained professionals. These of course are not ALL the calls we respond to, only the ones in which we have pictures from.

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Ladder 121 Dedication
Old Photos
Old Burn House

12/26/10 MVA
Motor vehicle accident south of Salem Four Corners at the Henny Penny driveway, 2 car, 1 injury transported to L&M Hospital.
09/07/10 Structure Fire
On September 7th, the Salem Fire Company responded mutual aid to a working fire in the town of Montville in the Oakdale section with Tanker 121 and Ladder 121.
01/15/10 MVA
On Friday January 15th, 2010 the Salem & Gardner Lake Fire Companies responded to a 2 car MVA Head on involving 2 box trucks. Three people were injured with non life threatening injuries.

10/04/09 Live Burn
On Sunday October 4, 2009 the Salem and Gardner Lake Fire Companies held their live fire training in back of the House of Doors. After the training the house was burned down, this house had been used by the area fire companies for the past 2 years for live fire trainings. Colchester and Lyme Fire Companies also participated on Sunday.
10/02/09 MVA
At approximately 10:10 am on Friday October 2nd, 2009, Salem & Gardner Lake Fire Co.s responded to a one car rollover with possible entrapment on Route 11 South bound just North of Exit 5 in the high speed lane. First arriving units found the driver out of the vehicle and walking around. Colchester Fire Co. was also started, after initial size up units not on the scene were told to have the dispatchers announce for all units to proceed with the flow of traffic. The accident was caused when the driver struck a 24' extension ladder in the middle of the road on Route 11, after coming in contact with the ladder the operator lost control and rolled over.
04/30/09 MVA
Two people were seriously injured early Thursday morning after a man lost control of his vehicle trying to avoid a deer. The vehicle was a Scion TC and was southbound on Route 11 when it swerved to avoid the deer. He lost control of the car and struck a tree. The accident happened around 12:12 a.m. in the area of Exit 4. The driver was flown by Life Star helicopter to Hartford Hospital with several serious injuries, police said. He was listed in stable condition. The passenger, sustained a broken vertebra in his neck, police said, and was transferred from The William W. Backus Hospital to Yale-New Haven Hospital.

12/07/2008 Burn House Training
Essex and Guilford Fire Department's used the Salem Burn House for their annual interior fire fighter training.
06/13/2008 Structure Fire
On Friday June 13, 2008 at approximately 10:30 am Salem Fire Co. responded mutual aid to the Town of Colchester with several other companies for a reported explosion and fire at M&J Auto Recycling Center on Route 85. Ladder 121 was first out and first on the scene of a working fire involving buildings, vehicles,and different types of explosives including gasoline and propane tanks. L 121 layed a 5" supply line into the scene and was followed in by Colchester's Ladder 128. Salem's ET121 operated one of the several drop tan operations in use. In all 49 departments responded.
04/27/2008 Structure Fire
Structure fire on Sunday afternoon at approximately 13:46 at 165 Old New London Road in Salem. The call came in as a barn fire. A Salem ET and East Haddam ET were on the scene within three minutes of the tone, due to a training exercise in the area. Salem ET 121 transmitted a working fire. Within minutes of the first arriving units the structure was fully involved. The barn contained drums of hydraulic fluid, motor oil, gasoline, welding equipment, and misc. other fluids and equipment. Upon further assessment several junk cars and tractors were also involved on the outside of the structure. The fire was contained within a half hour and the drums were kept cool and intact with leakage. Units on scene were Salem, Gardner Lake, Chesterfield, Oakdale, Colchester, Lyme and the Mohegan Fast Team.
04/18/2008 MVA
The Salem and Gardner Lake Fire CO.'s responded to a two car MVA with entrapment on Friday night, April 18, 2008. Time of call was approximately 11:45pm on Route 82, 1/2 mile west of Routes 82 & 354 intersection on Route 82. It involved two patients, one with minor injuries and the second pinned. Lifestar and Oakdale's ambulance were also called to the scene. After extrication of the patient, a medic on scene pronounced the victim. Lifestar did not transport. Oakdale transported the first patient to Backus Hospital.

12/23/2007 MVA
At approximately 3pm Sunday afternoon, 12/23/07, the Salem and Gardner Lake Volunteer Fire Companies responded to a two car MVA at the intersection of Route 82 and 11. Upon arrinving, units found a car with one older woman passenger still in her vehicle in the middle of the road suffering from lower injuries, her husband was out of the vehicle and not injured. West of the accident a Dodge pickup was off the road with two youths with minor injuries out of the vehicle. The woman was transported to Hartford Hospital by Lifestar due to vehicle impact and injury complaints and the two youths were transported to Backus Hospital by Gardner Lake and Colchester ambulances.
12/02/2007 MVA
2 car MVA with 3 injuries on Route 75, south of the Salem four corners. Salem & Gardner Lake fire departments responded with Oakdale and Chesterfield ambulances transporting to Lawrence & Memorial Hospital.
09/30/2007 Structure Fire
On Sunday morning at 6am the Salem fire co. responded mutual aid to the town of Lyme on Seldon Rd for a working structure fire, Tanker 121 was first called followed within minutes by Ladder121. When the Ladder arrived it took up a position to the D side of the house and proceeded to set up for ladder and nozzle operations Ladder 121 knocked down the second floor and roof fire and continued to control hot spots. After power was cut off by CL&P Ladder121 was repositioned to the front of the house for further overhaul. Departments responding were Lyme, East Haddam And Salem, With Old Lyme covering stations.
08/2007 MVA
07/18/2007 White Birch Road - Car Rollover With Ejection
06/2007 Route 354 MVA

01/30/2005 Ice Water Rescue Training with Instructor K. McManus
01/19/2005 M/A to Colchester for a Working Structure Fire
01/11/2005 M/A to Colchester for a Working Structure

11/28/2004 Search & Rescue / Live Fire Training in Colchester
11/14/2004 Search & Rescue Training In Colchester
11/07/2004 M/A To Lyme Working Structure Fire
10/13/2004 Fire Prevention At The Salem School
08/15/2004 M/A To Colchester Working Shed Fire
06/20/2004 Route 85 Car vs Tree
01/15/2004 Hill Top Trail Horse Rescue

2003 M/A to Colchester Working Structure Fire
2003 Route 11 Rollover
2003 Rescue Live Sled Training
2003 M/A to Marlbrough Tractor Trailer Accident
2003 Dumpster Fire
2003 Route 11 w/b Exit 6 Working Car Fire

12/04/2002 M/A Structure Fire Lyme
12/02/2002 Route 85 & Skyline Dr Multi Car MVA
11/28/2002 M/A Route 85 Area of Walts Motors In Colchetser
11/14/2002 Haz-Mat Salem School
10/27/2002 Live Fire Training In Willimantic
06/02/2002 Route 82 Near Route 11 Car Over Embankment
05/28/2002 M/A Tractor Trailer vs Car Route 2 Colchester
03/28/2002 M/A Gas Leak In Colchester
03/28/2002 Round Hill Rd Car Fire w/ Exposure
03/18/2002 Route 11 Rollover w/ Entrapment
03/14/2002 Horse Pond Daytime Training w/ The Ladder
03/03/2002 Cockle Hill Rd Chimney Fire
02/02/2002 Route 11 & Route 82 Rollover w/ Entrapment and Fire
01/02/2002 Montville High School Fire