. Salem Volunteer Fire Company - Station 21 - Connecticut
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10th Annual Chicken and Rib Dinner

Saturday August 15th, 2020

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We hope you find it helpful getting to know the people in your community that serve you 24 hours a day! We are Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel, Firefighters in Training as Junior Members, Fire Support, and Fire Police. We all strive to give the residents in the Town of Salem the best possible protection that is available today. We are dedicated to providing you with professional emergency medical care and firefighting services. We hope you never need to use our services, however you can rest assured that we are committed to being there for you and your family should you ever need us! Feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call if you would like to bring your family by our station for a personal tour! We look forward to meeting you!

- The Members of The Salem Volunteer Fire Company